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What sets us apart is that when you work with Weber & Company, you have access to the hidden job market, the real jobs that make a difference at a company, rarely the mundance, typical J-O-B-S.

"For over 20 years, our team has placed well over 2,000 candidates, and while doing so, has established relationships with the most influential decision-makers in the medical device and diagnostics industry. We have helped most VPs manage their career forward, and consequently, they now come to us to find their talent and build their teams. Yes, we have recently placed candidates with whom we first made contact two decades ago -- while we recruit for six VPs who we've placed four times each."

- Jim Weber / Founder

Weber & Company is a full service recruitment firm, which exclusively meets the staffing needs of the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Over the long-term, we can help you find the position that will enable you to meet your ultimate career goals.

Here are some ways that we can help you:

  • We know the market. Our firm has access to the hidden job market where the most coveted positions are created and fulfilled, long before the position is ever posted. We tend to partner with client companies that offer a compelling career opprunitity, primarily those that are managing dynamic change such as a turnaround, rapid growth, or a sigfnificant cultural change.
  • Our goal is NOT to place you today. Rather, it is our mission and passion to develop and nuture a long-term business relationship that is built upon understanding your professional goals and your innermost feelings that define who you are, within the context of your family needs and quality-of-life preferences. In other words, we are not here to slam you into one position that we have today. Once we have established a relationship, we'll first pre-screen and test each opportunity so that it is the right fit for you -- whether it is six days from now or in 16 years.
  • Our firm specializes in developing relationships with career-minded professionals who are passionate about owning their future. They have the intangible trait that drives them to make a real difference and by achieving something that sets them apart from the pack while also living the quality of life they prefer. If that matches you, then we should talk.
  • We are here to help you! Our responsive team is kept small so that you do not get lost in the shuffle. We make the time to advise you on your career.
  • Let's build a relationship, confidentially. Our team would like to chat with you about what is important to you, what you have achieved and, most importantly, how you see your professional future. Then, perhaps, in the short- and long-term, what opportunities might spark your interest.
  • We have developed innovative partnerships with consulting firms who can give you the opportunity to leverage your talents for several companies without sacrificing your regular paycheck.
  • Tired of being an applicant? Weber & Company respects your time and candidacy. When working with our firm, you are never an applicant. To that end, our firm drives the hiring process, assuring straight, prompt, and informative feedback. You will not be strung along. We will look after you, both in the short run and over the long haul.

We have several ongoing positions to be filled as well as special, client relationships that offer us access to key decision-makers so email us your resume to

Finding People Today To Set The Pace For Tomorrow

Weber & Company is a retained Executive Search Firm with a proven record of achievement serving the global Medical Device industry as well as emerging industries in Miami and Latin America.

We Are The Medical Device Industry's "Go-To" Headhunter

The expertise of Weber & Company is helping a select group of clients who are faced with urgent and critical staffing challenges. Whether you need to hire one key person or a team of professionals, Weber & Company is your best solution.

Executive Search

We listen, we understand, and we create the plan. Our team will partner with you to identify, attract, and deliver the leader or industry expert who possesses the right vision, drive, and knowledge!

International Search

Based in Greater Miami, we have developed Executive Search alliances throughout the globe. our industry-specific teams help you reach the top candidates in Europe and Latin America.